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Novait Plus

NovaVit® Plus, a comprehensive and carefully balanced daily vitamin and mineral supplement, can help give you that much needed boost. In fact, taking a daily supplement may positively influence your physical and mental well-being.1 It is widely accepted that both vitamins and minerals are essential for carrying out our everyday tasks.2

With our busy lives, it is easy to feel stressed which can harm our health and cause feelings of depression, anxiety or even total burn-out. It can also affect us physically by increasing our blood pressure and causing heart problems.3 Therefore, we need to provide our brains with the best nutrition. Zinc, magnesium and calcium are all important in supporting the nervous system and ensuring optimal functioning by supporting our physical and mental health.1 Vitamins are vital, and Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex including Vitamins B6 and B12, are very important in ensuring optimal functioning.1

Studies have shown that taking vitamin B complex supplements have a positive impact on mood and psychological strain at work,3 they can give us stress relief and mental energy, thus improving our work performance.1 Vitamin D is mainly produced by sun exposure. However, in the winter months this is less likely to happen. At least 36 % of otherwise healthy adults are deficient in this vital vitamin which can lead to bone, thyroid and immune problems2,4

By taking NovaVit® Plus once a day we can help ensure that we are getting most micronutrients.5 In this way we can be pro-active and help to avoid deficiencies which have been linked to mood problems, such as depression due to a lack of folic acid, especially in the elderly.6

NovaVit® Plus as a carefully dosed supplement, packed with a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals,4 can help with those blues and stresses all year round.


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